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May 28, 2020, 01:21:15 am


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SRC600 Championship 2018

Started by lluisete, October 16, 2018, 05:51:36 pm

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Wich day and time during the week?

I like Thursday at 22.00 GMT+1 as purposed.
11 (50%)
I like Thursday but in different time (post it).
5 (22.7%)
I prefer another day and other time (post it).
6 (27.3%)

Total Members Voted: 22

Voting closed: October 21, 2018, 05:51:36 pm


October 16, 2018, 05:51:36 pm Last Edit: October 27, 2018, 02:49:40 pm by lluisete
SRC 600 2018

After a lot of years since the SRC series in 2012 I am going to start a new championship, It would be great to see If some of the riders that disputed that champs can be on the server after 5 years and return to battle each others.

The race day of this championship will be during the week, we have to choose what day and what time.

Requirements to run:

1.   Complete at least 50 laps on the official servers during the week.

2.   Get the laptime below the limit (best laptime of the week x1.04)

                   Example: Best laptime of week 1.30 -> Cut-off time 1.30x1.04=1.35.2

Score system:

-   Getting points from the race results.
-   Getting points from the daily Hotlap event (2pt max per week)
-   Getting points from clear race (2 pt per race if you finish without crashing)
-   Punishment of 2pt for every crash provoqued ( 7 or more pt = race ban for next week).

Daily Hotlaps:

-   Official server will be online on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to record all the laps (you have this days to get the minimum of 50 laps to race).
-   Best time of the day will get 2 extra points.
-   Second and third best times of the day will get 1 extra point.
-   To get the maximum of 2 points per week the rider have to be 1st one day or 2/3 during two days.
-   When a rider get 2 points their times wont count, so the rest of the riders can fight to get them and this will produce a motivation for slower riders to improve daily.

Servers and mods:

-   WSSP 2018 by julen113 (thanks for this incredible mod <3) -> http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=5905.0
-   Server name: SRC600 'X day' test.
-   Server will be all day in 'Testing day' and all days at 00:00 GMT+1 the data will be recollected and save on the championship database to check times and number of laps -> DATABASE LINK
-   Race events will be on Thursdays at 22.00h GMT+1 (not definitive yet).

Race day schedule (GMT+1):

-   21.30h Opening of the server with 30 min practice.
-   22.00h Start of 15 min qualify session.
-   22.15 Pause of 5 min to chill.
-   22.20 Start of the first race (around 15 min)
-   22.35 Pause of 10 min to prepare the other server and make the grid.
-   22.45 Start of the second race with the grid depending of the 1st race result.

      - Note 1: If someone can't participate on the second or first race please send me a PM or email BEFORE the event so we will only count one race.
      - Note 2: Race score will be 1st race result + 2th race result / 2. So, it will be just the race score avarage of both races.
      - Note 3: Final week score will be: Race score + Hotlap week bonus + Bonus for clear race - punishment for provoque crashes.


- Week 1( 4/11 to 8/11): Cheste
- Week 2 (11/11 to 15/11): Montmelo
- Week 3 (18/11 to 22/11): Misano
- Week 4 (25/11 to 29/11): Assen
- Week 5 (2/12 to 6/12): Jerez
- Week 6 (9/12 to 13/12): Motegi

-Note: When we finish the championship the worst week result of every rider will be deleted, so If you can't participate one week or have pc problems, core crash, etc won't determinate your position ;).

How to sign up?

Just writte your ingame name in this topic and If you want to create your own skin send it to lluiscl4646@gmail.com

To make a reclamation after a crash you have to send a private email to lluiscl4646@gmail.com o writte a PM to me on the forum so we can check the action to determinate if its just a race crash or a punisheable act.
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October 16, 2018, 05:59:34 pm #1 Last Edit: October 27, 2018, 02:48:51 pm by lluisete
SRC600 2018

La carrera de este campeonato se correra durante la semana, queda por determinar día y hora.

Requisitos para correr:

1.   Haber recorrido más de 50 vueltas durante la semana en el servidor oficial.
2.   Superar el tiempo de corte semanal fijado (mejor tiempo semanal x1.04).
Ej: Mejor tiempo semanal 1.30 -> Tiempo de corte 1.30 x 1.04 = 1.35.2

Sistema de puntuación:

-   Obtención de puntos dependiendo del resultado de las carreras.
-   Obtención de puntos por Hotlaps diario (2pt máximo por semana).
-   Obtención de puntos por carrera limpia (2pt por finalizar la carrera sin caerse).
-   Penalización de 2 puntos por cada caída provocada (7+ pt baneo siguiente carrera)

Hotlaps diarios:

-   El servidor oficial estará online los días: Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miércoles (solo disponeis de esos días para conseguir las 50 vueltas semanales necesarias para disputar la carrera).
-   El mejor crono del día será recompensado con 2 pt.
-   El 2ndo y 3er mejor crono del día será recompensado con 1pt.
-   Para conseguir los 2 pt semanales el piloto deberá quedar 1ro un día o 2do/3ro dos días.
-   Una vez el piloto haya conseguido los 2 pt sus tiempos no se tendrán en cuenta, fomentando que el resto de pilotos puedan conseguirlos y así tener un incentivo a entrenar y mejorar a diario.

Servidores y mods:

-   WSSP2018 by julen113.
-   Server name: SRC600 Championship "X Day" test.
-   El servidor estará en modo Testing Day, cada día a las 0:00 GMT+1 se recopilarán los datos y se guardarán en la siguiente base de datos -> LINK BASE DE DATOS.
-   La carrera se correrá cada Jueves a las 22:15h GMT+1.

Horarios de carrera:

-   21:30 Apertura del servidor con 30 min de Práctica.
-   22:00 Inicio sesión clasificatoria de 15 min.
-   22:15 Pausa de 5 minutos.
-   22:20 Inicio carrera primera manga (alrededor 15 minutos).
-   22:35 Pausa de 10 minutos.
-   22:45 Inicio carrera segunda manga parrilla según primera manga (alrededor de 15-20 minutos).

   - Nota 1: Aquellos que no puedan participar en la segunda carrera deberán notificarlo ANTES del inicio del evento, es decir antes del jueves a las 21:30 así solo se les contará la primera manga.
   - Nota 2: Los puntos de la carrera serán: Puntos manga 1 + Puntos manga 2 / 2, es decir la media entre las dos mangas.


Semana 1( 4/11 a 8/11): Cheste
Semana 2 (11/11 a 15/11): Montmelo
Semana 3 (18/11 a 22/11): Misano
Semana 4 (25/11 a 29/11): Assen
Semana 5 (2/12 a 6/12): Jerez v1.1
Semana 6 (9/12 a 13/12): Motegi

- Nota: Al finalizar el campeonato no se contará la peor semana de cada piloto. De esta forma, si algún piloto no puede correr por cualquier motivo alguna vez no se verá afectado.

Datos para la inscripción:

Escribir en este topic el nick, en caso de querer hacer una skin podeis enviarla a lluiscl4646@gmail.com para recopilarlas.

Reclamaciones de carrera deberán mandarse por privado a lluiscl4646@gmail.com para que revisemos cada caso particular y ver si es lance de carrera o "conducción temeraria".

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October 16, 2018, 06:45:11 pm #3 Last Edit: October 17, 2018, 02:18:38 pm by ismael
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Thursday is OK but I'd prefer 21:00 GMT +1.
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October 16, 2018, 07:58:08 pm #6 Last Edit: October 17, 2018, 05:05:29 pm by Myst1cPrun3
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Sent my skin over  :)


20:00 +1 GMT would be better for me, however I will be able to do any time as long as it doesn't get any later.

Also what versions of the tracks are we going to be using, or has that not been decided yet?


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Hola luisete,

I love your English big daddy!!.

NickName: pableke46
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I can't say one day for racing especific but Tuesday or Thursday is fine for me!! Even though I can adapt for the poeple if I can't adapt no problem

Thanks luisete, thanks javilyors for the tracks and thanks Julien for the mod


Nickname: Jaume Sancho
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i will pass you my skin:D

Tommaso Levato

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Hey Lluisete, if this gets off the ground and is as fun and successful as the SRC 500, it will be a fantastic series and I would like to participate again. I have fond memories battling with the 500 squad, all great pilots.
But during the week racing finishing after 23.00 is just too late for me. If you could make it an hour earlier it would be better..

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Super Taranta !

Hey there! It's nice to see someone still setting up a championship. Even though it's not my preffered category I would like to sign up.

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