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first experiment with 2 stroke sound mod

Started by gianni turismo, November 28, 2018, 05:40:06 PM

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The quick revving part sounds very promising already..... I presume the rest is a work in progress with promise.  ;D

Have you seen this video - Kenny Roberts Onboard/Offboard the classic Yamaha 0W60/1 GP500 from 1981/2:


I think the engine tones on this one are crisper, clearer and sharper which might help with the end result?

gianni turismo

hi, hawk!
thanks for your feedback and for the link!
yes, I started playing maxscl 4 days ago, so it's nothing more than experiment. : P

the video you posted is very interesting with so many rich moments for a good capture.
the sampling rate may be slightly lower than the modern standard, but I could try to improve it within an audio software.