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Example of sound with little artifacts/overlapping

Started by HornetMaX, January 30, 2014, 10:43:35 pm

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Hi all,
just to be sure I'm on the right path in my sound ramblings, I've taken some car samples ( :-[) and used them for the 990.


Download the .zip and put its content in the bike folder (any bike based on the 990 will do): it will NOT override any file.

The edit the sfx.cfg file of the bike and replace the engine.scl with engine.maxcar.scl:

scl = engine.scl

Reload GPB and test (the Oval track is perfect for that).

OK, overall it sounds like shit, but that's probably because the samples are for a car and I used the just as they were.

Notice however that you hear almost no overlapping between samples: the transition from one to the other is nearly perfect (also the samples were perfectly loopable).

It is even more clear when you use the (also provided) engine.maxcar-nooff.scl, in which all the samples of the OFF layer are muted (so there's no ON/OFF blending or mixing).

That's because the Pitch computations were done correctly.

That's how they should sound. Now we need good samples (but that's not easy).