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Low speed ground kicking enabling button

Started by passerBy, March 01, 2019, 07:44:55 AM

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March 01, 2019, 07:44:55 AM Last Edit: March 05, 2019, 08:46:54 AM by passerBy
Edit: this feature is called Automatic Dab and was introduced in 12b.

The automatic nature of this behavior has been poisoning my time with GPB for a while now. Never once the kicking saved me, yet it drove me into a wall so many times... Therefore, the proposal: let this kind of behavior be activated with a separate button. Maybe even make it into a "kick the ground" button.

At the very least make the kicking an option, please. I can't navigate tight hairpins with this on.


what do you mean by "kick behaviour"? i have no clue to be honest. you brought that point up in other threads as well.


This feature was added in one of the previous betas. I can't remember if it was beta 13 or 14.
Basically, it makes the rider kick the ground or forcefully push himself away from it at low speeds when the rider "thinks" the bike is going to fall.
In other words, if you ride slowly enough it's really difficult to go anywhere but straight ahead because these "kicks" make all your attempts at turning futile.


This sounds like the "Dab" feature in MXBikes, can't remember seeing it in GPBikes though?


ah, now i know what you mean but it's not really a kick in the sense that the rider pushes the bike up again.
currently the rider has no hitbox, meaning that there are no collisions between the rider and the bike possible.
the behaviour at low speed is simply the (virtual rider) steering algorithm being a bit buggy.
at higher speeds the rider also like to jump off the bike when a certain ground clearance is no longer given (even though the bike hasn't lost traction) but this again is not a kick.


It's not a bug. Finally found where it was introduced. It was Beta 12.


this is the changelog for beta12, I don't see anything regarding "rider kicks":
fix: memory optimizations
fix: controllers calibration bug
fix: VR tracking reset
fix: Vive ( SteamVR ) default tracking position when going to track
new: engine limiter sound support
new: onboard engine sound support
new: track category selection
new: support for an external mod folder
new: VR reset control setting
new: the VR reset control affects the UI virtual screen position, too
new: "very high" network connection setting


Quote from: Vini on March 05, 2019, 10:00:14 AM
this is the changelog for beta12, I don't see anything regarding "rider kicks":
That's why I had trouble finding it on the changelogs page. But I've found it in the forum. I just gave you a screenshot and also the link.
Here's the link as text: http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=5207.0


huh, good to know.
now i wonder if we could use that "dab feature" to save the front in faster corners. piboso should really include a manual option.


As far as I can remember, MX Bikes has a similar feature that can be either automatic or manual. Waiting for the new version at the moment, so it's uninstalled from my HDD currently.

It just makes much more sense to make it manual or at least consensual (you hold the consent button and the automatics decides for the best moment to employ the dab).


Why not use the "push bike" (to the front, I guess) button ?