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September 22, 2020, 12:55:01 AM


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Paints Plugin?

Started by Myst1cPrun3, March 16, 2019, 12:44:52 PM

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Spent some time on iRacing, then I browsed GPB forums for some paints, to see if there's any new ones available. It's not a big deal installing paints, just pop them in the relevant folder, but it did get me wondering if it'd be possible to create a 'Trading Paints' style app for GPB, that can download/access the skins for that rider/helmet/bike automatically, providing the program is running in the background of course.

I don't really know much about plugins, or how the GPB server connections work, but even old games like Minecraft have the ability to see other peoples skins (MC has had this feature for as long as its had Multiplayer) without going into the files, hence my asking.