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August 25, 2019, 06:45:50 am

arm detail

Started by kevinmk7, April 12, 2019, 02:12:47 pm

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i can find any posts on removing or changing angle of arms because in VR they always seem wrong , curious to know if there is a ini file i can change i would like to remove arm graphics if possible just like in car sims  :)


Agree this would be a welcomed fix.  When I'm playing aggressively and leaning in my chair a bit not a problem but when I'm lazy and sitting upright the shoulders obstruct the view.


I agree, although while I don't lean aggressively enough most of the time to disappear into my own neck it does happen, particularly on some mod bikes where the camera angle is a bit odd/not where I would want it by default.
A while ago I did suggest something called 1/2 rider tracking, where the top half of the body would be controlled from head position in a 1:1 ratio, and be where the head is in VR as well. (If I duck out the way of a rider/wall in my chair the upper part of the rider would do this in game visually)
The bottom half would be controlled by the joystick as usual.
I explained it better here;
For me it could cure 2 problems with one, as the current rider tracking option doesn't feel natural to me in my chair, and while it could be argued its more realistic, something that feels natural and believable in the current position would be far more beneficial to the immersion IMO.


While I'm personally not a VR user (at least not yet), I have already suggested a workaround to a friend of mine:

  • copy the rider you want to a separate folder using a new name
  • change the .ini file name to that name as well
  • open up the .ini and change the "name =" line to correspond to that name
  • now get the gfx.cfg opened and find the "cockpit" section
  • change the model and the shadow subsections so that there is empty space after "file =" instead of the .edf models

Try choosing the new rider you created and see if it's any better.


thanks i will try that ,will let know if it works


You are welcome. If it won't work, I'll just pack such an "invisible rider" and send it to you.
It definitely works for me (I can't see the hands on the handlebars from the 1st person camera), so it should work in VR as well.


yeah worked perfect thanks a lot , i followed your little guide and Boom thanks again 👍😊


I'm glad that worked, enjoy! :)