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(BRIEFING) Pre season 3/3 Donington - 23/06/19

Started by Adalgood, June 21, 2019, 05:21:04 PM

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June 21, 2019, 05:21:04 PM Last Edit: June 21, 2019, 05:42:07 PM by Adalgood
This Sunday will be the third pre-season test on the circuit of Donington. Next we will make a brief Briefing with some indications.

- 1st: To be able to participate on Sunday in the Classification and Race sessions, it is necessary to fill in the registration form. In a short time you will receive the password of the server in your MP tray.

- 2nd: Riders who have not completed the registration template should review their MP and put all the data to run this Sunday.

- 3rd: The GP starts this Saturday at 00:00 Hrs (GMT + 2) with a practice session (Track Day) that will last until the start of the qualifying session. ATTENTION! IT IS MANDATORY TO MARK A MINIMUM OF 10 LAPS CORONOMETRATED IN THIS SESSION.

- 4th: Restart the server at 19:00 Hrs (GMT + 2).

- 5th: The qualifying session will begin on Sunday at 20:00 Hrs (GMT + 2) with a duration of 25 min. ATTENTION! IT IS COMPULSORY TO MARK A MINIMUM OF 1 LAP IN THIS SESSION.

- 6th: The race will start on Sunday at 20:30 Hrs (GMT + 2). IT WILL HAVE A DURATION OF 16 LAPS

- 7th: The clock does not stop at any time and the schedule will be strictly enforced.

- 8th: It is advised to practice the exits and learn not to move before the red light goes out. ATTENTION! BE CAREFUL NOT MOVE BEFORE THE SEMAFORO IS TURNED OFF. YOU CAN BE PUNISHED WITH JAMP START AUTOMATICALLY.
The Staff will not restart the race under any circumstances except for some type of problem related to more than 50% of the riders.
It is advised to practice rolling together with other riders. It is not easy in this game to shoot in a group without impacting others. This is why we ask you to focus all your efforts on staying on the bike before trying to win the race. We would like to be able to upload the races to YouTube as long as they are races with a good image.

- 9th: Any rider who has an inappropriate attitude on the track may be sanctioned by the race direction.

- 10th: Any type of claim can be made to the following address: abcsimracing@gmail.com
Indicate in the subject: "Claim STK 1000"
Please indicate in which lap of the accident the accident happened and which are the pilots involved.

- 11th: Race distance: 15 laps