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September 18, 2020, 02:42:02 PM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)


Started by Blackheart, June 24, 2019, 12:01:55 PM

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Hi guys!

As you can see I took a break from GP Bikes modding, for me GPB is the best racing sim, but as we all know the development is very slow, so unfortunately my interest atm is low. Im sorry about this.

In addition, my PC has some issues, mainly random reboots, and if you work for mods with complex tools like 3ds max... you will understand that it is a bit frustrating. 

And yep im also a bit distracted with some very arcade games...

Anyways when I'll have some money for a new PC and maybe a DD's system!, (not now because I want to go on vacation this summer) for sure I will return with some my scratch build, because I enjoy doing these things.  ;)


Yo Bro........Have a wicked, nice and naughty rockin vacation. WE ALL need you man your the dogs bollocks at the bikes.......................still want a Naked CBR900RR!!!........you know I wont give up lol but all is good

Have a great time my freind

GPBOC Live Streams: https://www.youtube.com/c/IASystemsComputerControls; i7 7700 4.8GHz z270 ASUS Maximus Code Mobo 16GB 3866MHz DDR4 RAM ASUS Strix RTX2070 OC 8GB DDR6 Kraken X62 AIO Cooler ROG Thor 850w PSU in ROG Helios Tower Case.


Lets all hope that once vacation is over we will come back to new better world of motorcycle racing games :-)