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September 26, 2020, 06:28:19 PM

MODS: Feedback and Development

Started by Myst1cPrun3, September 21, 2019, 06:32:02 PM

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I'd just like to say a few things regarding giving feedback, as poor old Manu has had to shut down development of the entire MotoGP 19 mod as people were giving very contradicting advice, and I think the channel went from 'feed back on the mod' to 'what I want from the Mod', and I will more than freely admit I was as guilty as anyone when it comes to that sadly.

(At the end of the Day that also came down to the Core GP Bikes Simulation not being where it needs to be to pump out high quality mods, and I hope Pib reads this as the slow development is harming the Modding Community that GP Bikes depends on more and more, as it was so eloquently put in the discord, 'The only thing that harms GP Bikes is GP Bikes itself')

But that's another topic for another day.

So here are a few guidelines I've dreamt up regarding feedback for all bike/track mods, that should keep the discussion to topic, and allow for a more productive feedback session (This will also be on the forums as well).

So Here we go:

1) Ensure you've done A LOT of laps, with runs of various lengths, on various tracks, in various conditions, with various setups. This will ensure you get a larger understanding of whats going on with the bike. Remember, we are testing a bike, not qualifying, or even racing, so doing 5 lap runs on max engine power, wont really cut it, and wont allow you to get enough info to make an accurate judgement.

2) If there is a problem with the bike, try to adjust the setup to diall it out. This is for a few reasons.
a) If you can dial an issue out with the setup, you can give accurate feedback on what the issue is and can help the developer fine tune the issue.

b) It will help you understand how to improve yourself as a rider, and all the setup changes you make can be applied to other bikes as well.

3) Remember, it is NOT going to be a mod of a mod, so for the love of god don't compare it to another mod. In the past week I've read more of

"This mod is how this one should handle" or "This mod is better it needs to be like this one".

That is literally the most unhelpful thing you could say, and to a developer, it would be effectively saying this is crap, make it like someone else's.

All bikes, should be compared as much as possible to real world information, such as onboard footage and replay cameras. Notice how I didn't say DATA there as that is another point.

4) DATA.

a) Real world data isn't always 100% correct in GP Bikes sadly, so a 1:1 data input may yield a motorcycle that is unrealistic to ride and in a simulation that isn't the best thing, although 9 times out of 10 it is a very good baseline/starting point.

b) Real world data sometimes isn't always available. This is where the TV Cameras and on-boards come in, as they can provide invaluable information on how a bike should look at certain points in riding, and chances are getting a machine in GPB to replicate that will result in something that isn't far off realistic.

5) Lap times. These are a valuable part of comparing real world data, however its important to note exactly what you're comparing your times to.
Often I've seen people compare a 'backmarker machine' (KTM GP machine) to a bike that is winning championships, (Honda) and then claim the bike is way off the pace and thus unrealistic.

Please ensure you're comparing your times to the actual bike you're riding, (EG Tech 3 KTM RC16 to Tech 3 KTM RC16, not Repsol Honda to KTM RC16 and so on).

Try and get the conditions you're riding in as close to the real conditions as possible. GP Bikes has a basic, yet very customizable weather engine, so use this to your advantage.

6) As I said in #1 you are TESTING. So treat it like a test. Do short runs, do long runs, do runs on worn tyres, do runs on different fuel loads.
Cover all bases.

7) As I said above change the setup. But ensure you do it one thing at a time, and ensure you run your ENTIRE programme again on that one change. We have the rather awesome ability to not have time constraints, and can post as many laps as we need so use them. Don't make a change and then do 5 laps and change it back.

Don't even do 50 laps.

In the MotoGP 2019 Mod I did well over 250 laps at various circuits, and the only things I adjusted was the tyre compound, electronics, and gearing, just to make it controllable and consistent.

8) As I keep repeating, it is a TEST. So treat it like one. You will gain nothing from going out, doing the worlds fastest first sector, and then crashing for the rest of the lap. Slow it down, be consistent, and add speed slowly as you begin to understand the bike, and more importantly how GP Bikes handles said bike.

9) Don't Forget the RAIN. Rain is a feature that is in GP Bikes, and is often overlooked, as again we have the awesome ability to turn it off. But rain plays a pivotal role in a motorcycles development and setup, and it should here as well.

10) GP Bikes is still in Beta, and far from perfect. Remember this when Giving Feedback, as some of the issues you highlight may be core issues with GP Bikes, and not an actual mod issue, and trying to fix these in the mod can make the mod unusable

Any more points may be added later, but for now here is Empty Box going over how to practice. This is very applicable here, despite being for cars and not bikes: