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September 28, 2020, 12:28:41 PM


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Adjustable Steering Dampers

Started by Myst1cPrun3, October 12, 2019, 05:57:37 PM

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Quote from: doubledragoncc on October 23, 2019, 09:17:03 PMI just put a damper on my system and dont need a software fix its all down to weight of user and how they use it and can be adjusted on the fly


this is a setup option on all track bikes, and is compounded in the fact the Virtual Rider has shortcomings. The fact it has to be a set value and is not adjustable in game is not very good, as each person has different hardware and different styles. There was a whole argument (And I mean ARGUMENT) about it and its values on Manus Mod discord


Ah ok got it

Just wanted to say ther is a physical why of doing it

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The effect is caused by the virtual Rider trying to yank the bars straight, which causes huge chatter and can cause a fall, even if the player has no input.

An adjustable damper in game can eliminate this, as one value doesn't really cut it, especially with each track being made in a different style by each modder.

Having not tried it I can't say if you're hardware fixes this, but it seems to be a core issue. And adjustable dampers have been on race bikes since forever so why its not in GP Bikes is questionable. (The coded values are even in the files, and settable by a mod author)



Just gonna bump this:

It's a must have, and is already there in a satisfactory degree, in the bike cfg.

Just make it so we can edit that value in the garage and and add the more correct simulation at a later date....

Not too difficult really....

It's more needed than animated throttle grips honestly..


June 16, 2020, 04:17:42 PM #20 Last Edit: June 16, 2020, 04:20:23 PM by h106frp
I suspect the steering damper is not implemented in the way we imagine a steering damper rather as some function of the virtual rider. The reason for my suspicion is that if it was we would not see the very large spiking in torque that we observe in the force feedback stream. A physical steering damper is designed to filter out exactly that sort of 'high frequency' shock response that might excite a weave. A slow movement of the steering incurs virtually no damping a sudden change is very heavily damped.

I recently went through the exercise of re-filling my steering damper and even in the vice you only move the piston very slowly to pump the air out or it would lock almost solid.


I have no idea honestly. Even if that were the case, as a stop gap until it could be implemented properly, just giving control over that value in the garage would be an improvement over what we have now, as it does seem to work ok.

To my knowledge these were the settings for the VR:

spg0 = -340
spg1 = -2
sdg0 = -100
sdg1 = 0.5
sig0 = 0
sig1 = 0

Which are incidentally directly under the steering damper and settings, so maybe there is something in what you're saying...

I'd have to look into it further. Remove it from the CFG and edit the VR etc.

That being said its been something that's a MUST on race bikes since about the 80s, and I've seen threads asking for it dated before I even got GPB, so why its not a top priority I have no clue... But throttle grip animations BRO   ;)
1/2 the 'modders' don't even animate the levers they sure as shootin' ain't gonna to the throttle   :)


the throttle grip is a bit useless since the riders chubby block hands are always glued to grips  :P
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