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[Request ] Arai RX7 Colin Edwards

Started by Chispifumy, October 16, 2019, 04:41:57 PM

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Hi guys, I've been looking for the helmet that I have in real life to wear it in the 500 cc championship but I don't think anyone has done it, I am fatal to make helmets so I come to ask for your help, to see if someone can do it. If you need photos I can take them, from any angle.

It is a Arai RX7 Colin Edwards


Ill Gladly give it a go.

This is how the helmet is laid out in paint for, so if you could send me pics of each side, as well as the top and back I will see what I can do. (No Quality Promises however, but I'll certainly give it my best)


Thank you! tomorrow with more light I take the photos and upload them.