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June 14, 2021, 10:00:09 PM


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Return of the 2 strokes?

Started by Myst1cPrun3, November 06, 2019, 06:05:43 PM

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Following this little pop up on my Facebook news feed, and seeing that it will meet the highest EU emissions brackets, it makes me wonder:

With the new technology that's available, are 2 strokes a viable option again?

And also, what does everyone think of this new 250, gonna be good? I for one will be paying Very close attention to it.
Oh, and it's Italian which is a win




Great to see a two stroke back aimed for public sales, though I suspect with all the engine electronics involved they won't have the same great engine power-band characteristics of the old 2 stroke bikes we used to have and love but likely to feel more like the power band of a 4 stroke. But still great to hear that engine sound again.

Not too impressed by the overall bike styling though.... a bit of a "Faux-Pas" considering it's Italian designed don't you think? It's as if they have no new ideas besides what's the current flavour of the day or maybe just playing it safe thinking about the sales... Can't blame them I suppose, but I'd have thought they's have designed the look to be a little more apart from what looks like a 4 stroke road bike fitted with a 2 stroke engine..... Would've just liked to have see a bit of unique identity in design for this brave departure from what today is considered the norm, that's all. :)

Let's hope this will encourage the likes of Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki to come back into the market, but I suspect this bike is probably going to be aimed solely at the Italian market alone, at least initially anyway?


Fully UK homolagated and is reported to be sold in aprilia dealerships over here. (if I'm not mistaken it's syled vaguely after the rsv4 which I can see)

I must say though, for a 250 I'm not a big styling fan, but then again, it's supposed to be a modern motorcycle, so I guess it has to look the part in today's marked.

As for the powerband,I don't actually know enough about it, but I should expect it to be dampened down a lot. Even the late 500gp machines had quite a wide powerband (from mid range to the limit)

(also best looking 250 for me is the pedrosa gp bike from '04/'05)


I lean the latest trailer for it shows it blasting across the British countryside, on the left.


She sounds alrite, and deffo got some blue smoke there


Always good to see two-strokes still being built and developed but I feel like this bike is a bit misdirected.
If you want a 250 racebike, a RS250 or TZ250 is probably still a lot cheaper, faster and easier to maintain.
For a street 250, it's too expensive and powerwise at the same level as 90s bikes with some tuning.

IMO they should have taken the fuel injected engine and put it in a regular deltabox alu frame with regular front suspesion instead of carbon monocoque and hub center steering. Basically a road loegal RS/TZ250.


it all depends on if its affordable. No prices released so I cannot say.

I will say if 2 strokes can meet all the relevant eu specs, with emissions etc, 2 stroke could be a way forward, due to its relative simplicity and lightweight.

Its not too far off 300s and 500cbr which is a competition i should imagine


of course. four stroke has always been the inferior engine concept for motorbikes.
that's why they kept racing 2t in MotoGP until bullshit political reasons put an end to that.
same thing happened on the streets a decade earlier with the non-sense emission laws.
sadly this was before technology like direct fuel injection had been perfected and so two-strokes have since remained their reputation as "dirty engines" when in reality it is just 80s bike technology. even four strokes were pretty dirty in those times.
two stroke development continued in other areas (outboard, snowmobile, scooter) which proved that the engines can be made clean but this tech never made it to bikes, where four strokes took over the market.

the carbon monocoque chassis alone will probably make the bike pretty expensive.


I do find myself looking through ebay at TZR's
racing games is training


Hitting the apex is just a figure of speech, Don't literally hit it...


The carbon monocoque is a bad move for me, especially for what is effectively a 'Market test' for 2 strokes. Should have been kept closer to a standard configuration with frames and suspension etc,

but at the same time I can understand them wanting to lead the way technologically with a stroker, as it would highlight the fact it could be modern tech and not a crude 80s remix, and potentially pave the way for the bigger brands like kawak, suzuki yam and honda. (No ducati here, as they've never made a 2 stroke, was always cagiva)

Either way, If I can afford to save for one, (£10,000 absolute maximum or less) I will be buying I can guarantee it


Quote from: matty0l215 on November 07, 2019, 10:15:34 PMOh god please no.


Hehehe! The 2 strokes are coming Matty! Up the revolution! ;D  ;D



In 2 stroke related news:

Classic 2T GP Bikes will support the BSB races at Cadwell, further enforcing the fact, that in the UK, 2 strokes are becoming more viable.
Maybe once BREXIT happens we can do away with some of the emissions laws and have actual bikes again...