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Mallory Park - Work in progress

Started by h106frp, December 22, 2019, 05:16:11 PM

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I have been messing with this for a while - completely scratch built Mallory Park, depicts the circuit for the period around 2012 to 2016.


Wow! Looks incredible mate..... Great work H! Brilliant job! :o  ;D  8)


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 :o  Amazing detail very nice work, nice ambient sounds as well with the birds chirping.
It'sanna make me drive the clubman again, thx very much for this H.



December 28, 2019, 08:55:59 PM #5 Last Edit: February 02, 2020, 10:52:41 PM by h106frp

Updated to version 2 in last post

If you want to remove the ambient sounds just rename the .ssc file to something else
Wet weather mapping is incomplete due to general game issues; reported in GPB bugs forum
The track uses edwinas and bus stop layout without charlies and is typical for track day use.
Entry to the pits is by turning off at the esses onto the old oval section and following the signs into the entry lane.
Paddock is fully accesible
Openings exist onto the area outside the track if you want to go sightseeing.


Thanks H

Looking forward to try it out

Happy Holidays to you sire

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Very nice H!
I am loving it.
Only downside for me is a struggling frame rate after the hairpin into the chicane. Down to 40 there, but up to 150 or more around the long right hander. It's not a major problem though, can reduce grahics a bit if needed. I reckon you have a very good rig! 


December 30, 2019, 01:06:11 AM #8 Last Edit: December 30, 2019, 02:04:25 AM by h106frp
Thank Syd,
For reference my PC is (older) i5/16GB, GTX1050ti/4GB and fairly steady 100fps with everthing maxxed, 3D grass and 2560*1080 resolution.

I really have not worked out what goes on at bus stop, tried all sorts to optomise. The view is not that complex at that point and the only thing I can think of is that the elevated view point causes the game engine some sort of issue (I have noticed similar behaviour with other tracks and reported it but no feedback) but I will have another try.

Might have found something.. The marshall post at bus-stop was the only one where I had been experimenting with rendering out a new texture and I had created a shader map that I had not scaled down from the original texture size. The frame rate hit for this shader seems very excessive though and I wonder if this could be the same reason we are observing frame rate issues with other tracks.

I will sort out an update but I might experiment with scaling back some of the other maps as well and see if the frame rate is improved.

Thanks for the feedback.


Loving it so far, especially after watching the plum pudding last weekend, had a hankering for Mallory, and this version is superb so far. Not explored any yet as I'm still trying to not crash but y'know XD

One question..

How accurate is the bump mapping of the surface, as this course is one of the bumpiest in GP Bikes, and was wondering if thats realistic or just 'creative license' based off videos etc? (Having Never Ridden Mallory I don't know)


Surprised you are finding it particularly bumpy - which areas are you struggling with? The undulations and the bump under the bridge are deliberate and matched to video footage - watched a lot of videos  :)  The track mesh can be subdivided and smoothed if required and I was intending to add a bit of camber which would make it a bit more interesting selecting a line through the turns.

The track does have quite a few unusual camber changes, the exit of the esses where the hairpin extension was added to the original oval and downhill from the devils elbow is very off camber (hence the name). Most of my testing 'offs' are very typical of the track, running wide at Gerrards, lowsiding mid way through edwinas and running on at the hairpin are features of most track days videos.

Before it was re-surfaced around 2012 the track was in a very poor condition so I chose to avoide that era  :) I rode it around 2002 when they had the Suzuki race school so I can vouch for the points where the back likes to step out having managed it personally at edwinas, esses and elbow (stayed rubber side down but many did not ;D  )  The big effort to change direction against the camber at the esses is also pretty accurate, hairpin and bus stop was always a bit niggly to find a nice line and it used to have a very big elevated kerb on the island that was quite worrying.

For testing I was using a version of my 350 Clubman that I updated for b16 (but have not bothered to release) maybe it is a bit more compliant in tyres and suspension than the popular GP derived bikes and laps steadily around 56-57 seconds in 1P.

Thanks for the feedback.


December 31, 2019, 12:49:48 AM #11 Last Edit: December 31, 2019, 01:12:30 AM by Myst1cPrun3
Honestly its not TOO bumpy, if that makes sense, Like its believable, and I really enjoy the new challenge. Suspension tuning is a must, not just for turning.

I guess the smooth as glass gp tracks that have been popular have spoiled me for what a 'Proper Circuit' is like.

I was just wondering how accurate the bumps are in terms of the real world, as its not something we see in GP Bikes really.

Managed a 54.8 on the WSSP 2018 CBR with DMT 340, Lap record for 600 is a 52.0 so there's still time there.

Honestly though, I do love the Mod, its awesome. And seeing as its looking likely I'll be riding Mallory a bit IRL next year, its neat little practice for me.

One thing I would suggest, is the esses before the hairpin, its actually quicker to cut across the grass and then do the hairpin, rather than do the esses, so maybe add a penalty in there?

As for the excessive bumps, I honestly couldn't find many, however in the off change you do get the hairpin right, it is very bumpy at the apex, to the point of a crash.
I did find running wide round the hairpin, like middle to left of track, was quicker because of this


I am not a fan of overly smoothed tracks myself and they are just weird in first person view but I have made the kerbs fairly forgiving for the sake of gameplay. The hairpin will probably get smoothed out a bit a some point but one thing I have noticed at the hairpin is when you try and hold very tight to the elevated kerb the idiot rider slams his head (collision box) into the kerb which would not happen in real life.

We do have some modelled ruts in the grass at the esses, These could be made a bit deeper/severe to deter excessive cutting.

When you get to ride Mallory in real life you will find they have made 'scenic' alterations to the circuit, chopped a lot of trees, moved a lot of soil around, added more sound barriers and the rallycross loose track on the start/finish has gone with the armco moved closer to the track.

I stopped trying to keep up with the changes as they occur faster than I can model so I fixed it in the period around when the re-surfacing work was completed.


I did go to the races on boxing day, overall the main change was the rally cross track at the last turn being gone, its now a car park, and a few minor spectator improvements.

Hairpin would benefit from a smoothing out on the apex, but its ride-able.
As for the ruts in the grass, that would be a good improvement. I do know some other tracks use 'checkpoints' that cancel laps and add 5 second penalties if you don't ride through them, would it be possible to do this here? Or is it harder than deepening ruts?

Overall, for the scenery (Like I said never ridden it so cant speak for the surface, but seems great) it is very accurate, hats off for that :)

In other news, I've not managed to get close enough to the wall to slam my head, as I'm a failure on braking.

Thoroughly enjoy it though, extremely good work :)


hey awesome track, h106frp. it really is great fun. I love the atmosphere you created track side, too. makes me want to grab a tent, box of beer, and a bbq and stay the weekend :D

I would love to try your 350 clubman there ;)