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[GPBikes][Tracks][WIP] modeling and texturing organisation

Started by janaucarre, March 11, 2014, 01:22:38 AM

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I thought about all my Work In Progress tracks and an idea came to me.
I think many things can be make with little skills, so the work on a track could be distributed to several people.
The modeling, more skills than other.
The texturing (asphalt, skids, grass, white lines (startline, pit in/out lines, walls, fences), little skills to do.
The cameras, little skills.
The marshalls, little skills.
The datas (start/finish line, starting grid, pitlines (in and out), pitplaces and paneling along pitwall), little skills.
The centerline and surface mapping, little skills.
And finally the things who everyone here principaly do with the game, testing all ingame (timelaps, timeparts, lights (start, pit), glitches of textures), little skills but patience.

If some are interested to help me, and the community of course, i will add tutorial videos for each parts describe uphere.
Some tutorial are already here in the forum, i have one or two on the french forum which i can perhaps translate. I can make a thread with all in one.

Post if you are interested:).


i would like to have a go at texturing Janacaurre. Always been happy doing photoshop related stuff.

So if you want me to try something tell me how to do it and i will provide you with an attempt. ;D



Be patient guys, i do make tutorial videos, and i will give you my name on skype.
Nice to know that some have interest, so we could make better track than me alone, and speeder.


Count me in. Is nice to work togheter! I could do centerlines and track surfaces.


As some of you may know, I'm currently making my first track, Indianapolis. I've never done 3D modeling before. :P So I'll maybe need some help to export this track to GP Bikes to see if it works ;)


I engage me to publy video until sunday. In english if i can. Be patient, i have made a little break during last days.