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September 21, 2020, 06:09:52 PM


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Chassis damping units

Started by h106frp, May 26, 2020, 10:35:40 AM

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Anyone know what the units are expressed in for chassis damping values? I assume the stiffness is N/mm
The ones I am familiar with are %critical and ratio but the typical magnitudes do not appear to describe either of these.

Thank you


I am going to bump this as now we have the inertia calc working and observing how sensitive the physics model stability is to this value I would like to know I am in the correct ranges and how sesitive the value is to change.

N.B. By itteration;
 It appears that reducing the magnitude increases damping but at a point we can observe 'dying fly bike' after crashes with the bike oscillating and rotating on the ground in defiance of gravity and friction.
 It appears that raising the value reduces damping with vibration of the chassis is visible whilst stationary and gets worse if you try and drive away. Further increases lead to the bike flying off (literally) as soon as you enter the track and a CTD/core.

All very entertaining, but the range of useful values appears quite narrow and related to stiffness and inertia, any chance of a nomogram inindicating the useful band of values?

Thank you