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July 03, 2020, 10:14:01 AM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

please help

Started by omfg, June 28, 2020, 06:48:27 PM

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I can not find any working instructions on how to add bikes to this game.  There seems to be plenty of bikes to add, but zero instructions on how to add them.  Someone needs to explain it, and make it a sticky on this forum for people just tuning in.


Lets make this nice and simple.  Id like to add the daytona 675, as far as Ive gotten, is the bike does not display, theres a swingarm stand on the ground and thats it.


Ducati 848 works (displays) while the triumph 675 does not. 
Clearly theres a huge lack of instructions on getting these things working, I have had to rename PKG files to RAR,  and extract them in order to make it work.


RAR files MUST be unpacked....only pkz files work in gpbikes
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