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Unexpected behavior in plugin interface

Started by HornetMaX, April 02, 2014, 09:55:03 pm

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Hi Piboso,

I've found something I can't really explain: I take two tracks (Victoria and Paul Ricard Legend) and I do the exact same thing on the two, but I get different things out.

  • Both tracks are such that the pit position (when only 1 rider is on the track) is before the finish line: exiting the pits the bike crosses the finish line (before the end of the pit lane).

  • I join a testing session (offline), go to track, start from the pits and soon after having crossed the finish line (still in the pitlane) I crash the bike intentionally.

  • The "respawn" sends the bike back to the pits position (i.e. before the finish line).

  • Now moving again, I cross the finish line a second time.

Doing the above on both Victoria and Paul Ricard gives me two different behaviors:

  • On Victoria, when I cross the finish line the 1st time, no RunLap() event is sent to the plugin (this is normal) while when I cross it for the 2nd time (after the crash and respawn at pit) I do get a RunLap() event.

  • On Paul Ricard Legend, I don' t get any RunLap() event.

Any idea ?


In the default .csv telemetry files (I can send them if needed) two beacons are present in both cases (not a surprise that, just to confirm).