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September 19, 2020, 03:13:02 AM

How upload the mods

Started by giorjoe, October 02, 2013, 05:39:27 PM

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Let's go to our computer and look for the program files folder(x 86)  following the path Programs(x 86) -> Gp Bikes-> gp bikes. Once inside the gpbikes folder (to lowercase) create two new folders renaming tracks and bikes respectively.
Inside the folder tracks We just created,We'll all downloads of the circuits (available in the circuit section) clearly having unzipped using Winzip

  • Programs(x 86)/Gp_Bikes/gp_bikes/tracks/
Inside the folder bikes, Instead we have to create four subfolders named with the names of moto, with each another subfolder called paints as specified below:

  • Programs(x 86)/Gp_Bikes/gp_bikes/bikes/msm_125rr_07 / paints
  • Programs(x 86)/Gp_Bikes/gp_bikes/bikes/msm_125rr_cup_07 / paints
  • Programs(x 86)/Gp_Bikes/gp_bikes/bikes/Varese_V594 / paints
  • Programs(x 86)/Gp_Bikes/gp_bikes/bikes/Murasama_rc990_03 / paints
Inside the folder paints, We add the download of liveries (available in the motorcycle section) taking care to insert the suitable liveries only to that type of motorcycle, as for the msm 125rr livery, You should enter only the liveries available for that bike in paints.
Recommend it to everyone,  installing this plugin, indispensable to provide during a race, the vision of some data and parameters of the bike. To install it you have to click on MaXHUD below and insert the file downloaded and unzipped (MaXHUD.dlo and MaxHUD_data folder ) the plugins folder in gpbikes, the following location C:\Program Files (x 86)\GP_Bikesgp_bikesplugins
To use the plugin, Once inside the track with your bike, Press "caps lock" to decide which info display and pressing the right mouse button over the widget, You can move it and place it on the screen as you want.


No entiendo ya tengo el archivo descargado pero no se instalarlo hago como lo dice la imagen pero sigue sin funcionarme ayuda //
I do not understand I already have the file downloaded but I do not install it I do as the image says but it still does not work