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XInput, deadzone, linearity: problem ?

Started by HornetMaX, June 10, 2014, 11:17:31 PM

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@Piboso: I use the xinput plugin on an xbox 360 pad.

Question #1:
You state calibration is not necessary with xinput, does this mean that the max range is always supposed to be (for xbox pad) 0 -- 65,535 ?
I'm asking because on some axes my pad no longer seems to be able to reach the extreme values (0 and/or 65,535) so I'm wondering is this is preventing me to use full inputs.

Question #2:
There seem to be something wrong with dead-zone and linearity: I have rear brake and clutch on the vertical axis of one of the sticks.
If I pull the stick fully down (i.e. max rear brake), I see the corresponding bar reaching (almost) its max level. However, if I keep the stick down and alter the dead-zone or the linearity, the value of the bar moves (not a lot, but significantly), as if setting a dead-zone or changing the linearity was changing the max value. This is pretty unexpected.