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World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

Old & New Rider.

Started by Klax75, November 03, 2014, 01:03:43 am

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November 03, 2014, 01:03:43 am Last Edit: November 03, 2014, 01:22:14 am by Klax75
First as many of you know I love GP Bikes, I play it daily for hours. (Wish that alone would make me faster...  :( ) I love the new features in Beta 6c. DST is a lot more stable when doing sharp slow turns. The handle bars will center when standing still, so you can walk the bike forward and steer and grid easily! Yipee!

The thing I really don't like is the new rider... I understand he has the Mick Doohan riding style, and I'm not a fan of that old school type of riding style. Which is Ok. But I wish we just had the "M. Doohan" and the "Blend" riding style for the old rider.

The new riders limps are to small, and trunk to long. He is stiff armed even when sitting neutral on the bike. His upper body doesn't really leave from behind the wind screen. The old rider is much taller, has a newer riding style. For me looks much better on the bike and his animations look more realistic compared to the new one. When in a turn and leaning off the bike his lower and upper body change position.

I made some screen shots to show comparisons of the two riders. The new riders arms aren't long enough to grab the handle bars when sitting. Please bring the older rider back, and give him a alternate riding style from the new rider.

Riding helmet view is noticable different too, when in a lean the windscreen never goes as far to one side or the other as it did with the old rider.

I'm not saying we can never have a new rider, but right now the new rider seems very out of place. Or rework his dimensions to that of the old rider.

Super Hang-On

Proportions were slightly off in the original, now they're really off. The wingspan looks to be 6' long while the rider looks to be 5'4, with legs of a 5' person. I was working on making my 2004 Rossi suit for the new rider but I may hold off from getting intricate with the template in case things change.


Geez guys, have you ever seen Marquez just next to Rossi or Crutchlow ?



November 03, 2014, 08:11:50 am #3 Last Edit: November 03, 2014, 08:14:40 am by yoshimura
size is not a great driver, St├ęphane Chambon, this is one of the founders of the Supermoto discipline or it's multiple champion of France and riding gold, but also world champion in Supersport 99.il are my master since my debut.http://www.caferacerclub.org/t17544-stephane-chambon-roi-de-la-glisse

Chambon, driver on the right of the picture :)


Pedrosa is 5'2" and Rossi 6'.

That's not what I am talking about, it's the new rider has short limbs and a long trunk. He looks odd, and the old rider was much more realistic in riding style and movements. The new rider's arms are to short to even reach the handle bars when sitting on the bike.  ???

When the new rider, riders his arm is at full extension all the time. Even when he is tucked in he is stiff arm locked straight.


Old one looks odd too: knee to ankle is way too long, forearm looks suspect too (and boots look odd on the two models).

But from the pics it also seems the new rider is not sitting correctly on the bike: ass not touching the seat ? Foot higher than previous rider ? Maybe some problems come from the new rider positioning.


Super Hang-On

The old one also had off proportions, yes (super long arms), but the current one is more deformed.


Despite everything said so far, I think the newer rider has far more fluid movement on the bike. I like it.


Quote from: grimm on November 04, 2014, 02:50:38 am
Despite everything said so far, I think the newer rider has far more fluid movement on the bike. I like it.

That's my point too: we just need to have the new rider "fixed".
He also seems to move to quickly l/r: if you shake the joystick l/r quickly he kind of follows at unnatural speed (same as the old rider).



Make the arms shorter.

Where is the download?


Standard body dimensions for art seem quite well defined http://www.idrawdigital.com/2009/01/drawing-tutorial-anatomy-and-proportion-1/

Should the rider fit within these parameters to fit on a normal size bike, erogonimcs and all that considered?


I just wish we could mod our own riders so we could model riders to our own body dimensions. That would be cool to see individual riders, and would make recognition easier too for would-be commentator's on "Live-Stream" events.  ;)

It would just ad that polished look of realism about it, you know.



If you stick to established proportions for the model then scaling it in 3D is straightforward so different sized riders is possible i would have thought.

Not sure about adjusting foot pegs and bars to suit  though, i have not seen the virtual pit crew yet ;)


would i be mean if i ask you if you feel like this is going to "stay between us"?


Quote from: Hawk_UK on December 01, 2014, 03:57:36 pmI just wish we could mod our own riders so we could model riders to our own body dimensions.

Custom rider models are not supported?  What's with the option for riding style then?  Or is it a lack of documentation?

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