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GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

Oliver's Mount

Started by Grooveski, February 06, 2015, 06:06:25 PM

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What software do you use to process the .asc lidar data files Groovski?



October 22, 2016, 01:17:45 PM #256 Last Edit: October 22, 2016, 02:54:51 PM by Grooveski
Autodesk Infraworks

Start IW > New Model > Give it a name.
Select all the tiles you want to convert for the job in Windows Explorer (Do them all in one go and IW will join them together)
Drag and drop them into the Data Sources list.
A configuration window will open - Rummage through the Coordinate System list(the little icon at the side of the dropdown) and choose BritishNatGrid then hit OK.
The new source should be listed as 'Configured' and when it's selected the little refresh button above the list should be green(it'll be greyed off if IW isn't happy with the data/co-ord system combo).
Punch the refresh button.
The display window will change and draw out the model.
Once it's done, hit the Settings and Utilities icon then Export FBX.
Use the Define Interactively function in the Export dialogue to trim down the model if you like(double click for the final point on the loop).

At first I was getting an export error with the lidar model - it didn't work until I trimmed the model so I think there may be a limit.
Don't know what it is but the working attempt came out at just under 700k polys(the not-working attempt was maybe three times the size).

P.S. you have a PM.


Brilliant! That should be very helpful indeed! ;D

Thank you Grooveski.... Very much appreciated!  ;D 8)



Is this track ever gonna be finished?


Quote from: MadbutNotBad on November 16, 2016, 12:43:26 AM
Is this track ever gonna be finished?

Now you know how much work a good project needs  ;)


Quote from: MadbutNotBad on November 16, 2016, 12:43:26 AM
Is this track ever gonna be finished?

Lol, I wonder the same thing every time I open the model  :P

I hope so!   ;D


i can only imagine how much work it takes but still.
Its only a queston tho no offensive just wondering with the greatest respect.


If you're after an ETA I'm sorry but I don't have one.   :(
I thought the last attempt was going to be fit for release - bit barren maybe but ridable.
...but it wasn't really.
So I just went back to work on it and with getting the new height data and rebuilding the road it's even further from release than it was before.  ::)

Another factor is that I kinda claim to be a track modder/convertor, yet in the nearly two years that I've been playing GPB have released a grand total of sweet-smeg-all - it's a little embarrassing.
...it's actually more than a little embarrassing.  It's annoying sometimes...

Last week I went to do some laps at Valencia but within a couple the lack of kerbs and the drops along the track edges had bugged me enough to give up and change to Aragon instead. 
The annoying bit is that I've got a version of the exact same model right here on my hard drive with all the annoying traits fixed, but because I've been engrossed in Oliver's Mount I've had no time to adapt it to GPB and release it as an update.
Have quite a lot of models here really, about 40 or so.  All with updated kerbs/runoff/braking markers, all welded and even have permission to use most of them.

So recently I've been splitting my time between OM and other (quicker conversion) projects.
Would really be fairer to say I've been ignoring OM and working on Knockhill and Estoril instead...
...which of course doesn't help the ETA for OM any.   :-[


Thanks for all the work Grooveski.  I cant wait for OM and Knockhill(my local) and to give them a try.

Urban Chaos 2.0

With Knockhill released, will you continue, or have you continued work on Oliver's Mount?


Still tinkering away with Knockhill but yeah, when I'm happy with it this'll be where I go next.   :)
Did open it up at one point and it looked like a horror story.  Didn't leave it in the best state.   :-\


When photobucket killed third party links this thread depressed me a bit - "Arggh - my pretty pictures!   :o"
...but in case folk thought the project was as dead as the thread - a lttle update:  :)

Land/verges/fences/junctions etc, adjusted to fit the new road model and the two bits joined together again.
Cameras and marshalls refitted.
Work resumed on the TSOs.


Wow, as ever tge work you do is very impressiv
Thank you