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CAWS MOD Team - TRACK RELEASE - WIP Donington Park Circuit.

Started by Hawk, June 08, 2017, 01:35:37 PM

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By the way Cape.

Once you have applied the LAA to core.exe it doesnt need to be done again.

(If you already know this ignore me, it just seems like you keep installing it :P)
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my rig runs many newer games at steady rates, way more graphically intensive stuff, anyway.
sure, the GPU is old, but it 'should' still run this without breaking too much of a sweat.
my settings are maybe a bit high in the ini, will have a look when i have some time.
@ DD - sure, great card for a great price.
just double the price for import duties to here, shipping costs on top of that, and then it's not such a great deal anymore.... :-\

@Matty, i do 'activate' the LAA hack when i need it, don't keep it on by default.
this is due to me suffering crashes with some of the bikes - Manu's WSBK and MotoGP bikes, most notably.
this crashing would then only occur with the LAA hack enabled, which is why i don't keep it on.
i am still suffering core crashes with the new '17 Yamaha, but that's for another thread.
testing will continue later as i get time.


Ah. That makes more sense :P

Interesting though. I have always got LAA activated and ive never have any issues.
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June 09, 2017, 09:27:57 AM #18 Last Edit: June 09, 2017, 09:47:44 AM by h106frp
Same here LAA enabled for months and no issues at all.

We know GPB is single threaded so any old processor with a high clock speed will work well and multi core processors are no advantage.

Without LAA you can only use 2GB or with LAA up to 4GB for the application so 8GB systems are more than enough.

I suspect something more fundamental is going wrong with your PC setup.

Thinking a bit more OpenGL performance might be a place to start looking if other games  ( DirectX ? ) seem OK

Napalm Nick

I suggest one if your tests is going back to default ini settings and see what happens then.
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This is beatifull!! Thank you so much Guys, this is so much fun to ride now. 10/10 ;D
I have no frame rate probs, is smooth, using LAA .

Will the finished version have a barrier across the other circuit?


Quote from: Syd on June 09, 2017, 11:58:14 AM
This is beatifull!! Thank you so much Guys, this is so much fun to ride now. 10/10 ;D
I have no frame rate probs, is smooth, using LAA .

Will the finished version have a barrier across the other circuit?

Hi Syd.

Yes. The finished version will have the appropriate barriers marking the two different tracks(GP and National tracks), and also have the 3D-spectators and ancillary vehicles and other special things we are working on for it too that we hope will contribute to the immersion of riding this great circuit.  :)
We also plan to put the two track layouts into one package too so that you will only have to download one track package and yet still be able to choose between the National and GP tracks.

Thanks for the feedback Syd, appreciated!  ;) 8)



hi guys,
just an update fro my side, to let you know that i have the track now running super smooth, nice steady frames, and not even a need for LAA to be enabled.

Quote from: Napalm Nick on June 09, 2017, 10:14:10 AM
I suggest one if your tests is going back to default ini settings and see what happens then.

i figured out (eventually) where i had gone wrong in the ini settings.
the [core] section entry:
texture_quality = 1/2/3/4 -
i had this mistakenly set to 1, thinking 1 would be the lowest texture settings.
when i went back and took a closer look at my notes, i found that 1 is actually the highest setting....  ::)
changed it to 2, and things were hugely improved.         :)
changed it to 3, and it's like slippery smooth sweet experience          8) ;D
hooray! now i can ride these great tracks (this and Brands) as they were meant to be. and they are superb tracks, a big improvement on the older versions.  8)


Good to know Cape, was weird you were having those problems  ;)


Quote from: doubledragoncc on June 09, 2017, 06:40:10 AM
Your GTX480 is where you have a problem maybe

Try this lil baby GTX 1030 for just £69: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gigabyte-geforce-gt-1030-low-profile-2048mb-gddr5-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-19b-gi.html as a real cheap upgrade or go for a 1050Ti which is great for most gaming in 1080p without needing to upgrade PSU etc etc


DD Cape and I are from South Africa pounds are expensive for us lol


Well bang for the buck the 1030 will be the best you can get and if you need help maybe email me at doubledragoncc@yahoo.com to figure out how to get you something for wot you have in the pocket
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Anyone know what a good time round the national circuit on an R6 is? my ideal is a 1.09.8, and best is 1.10.7 no idea if thats ok or terrible.


i'd say that's a pretty decent time. Yogi ;)
i'm only doing mid 1:12's atm, maybe i can shave another second or two of with a better setup.
this track and the CAWS Brands track have really made these circuits come to life for me -
been doing back to back comparisons with these and the older track versions, and the CAWS tracks just seem to have so much more 'life' to them.
i'm not just referring to the pretty scenery and textures here, but the track itself just seems to have better defined little bumps 'n dips in it, feels much more like a real track to me.
the other versions seem flat and a bit bland in comparison. i'll keep both , though, of course :D


GPB has always had problems with non flat as glass surfaces. So old tracks im sure have been smoothed to the limit.
Since better understanding of modding tools and tyres, bikes can be a bit tuned to tolerate more bumpy tracks. Maybe at expense of making the bikes too grippy on flat tracks, but we like bumps hahah  ;D, so....


I've not tried Brands yet but this version of Donington feels pretty good to me. I like the idea of there being a couple of bumps you have to be careful on, you always hear riders talking about having to take the bumps around a track into mind, so i guess it adds realism.

I do think the curbs need smoothing a bit especially the one on the inside of the right out of Foggys as the riders always cut that in real life and the bike goes crazy when i do it in game.