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Happy belated birthday to GP Bikes

Started by PiBoSo, May 26, 2018, 10:39:18 PM

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The 6th of May of 10 years ago GP Bikes alpha1 was released.
"Obviously your ambition outweighs your talent".



"Obviously your ambition outweighs your talent".

Napalm Nick

I made this cake (stole and photoshopped a picture of) for you.

"The post you are writing has been written at least ten times already in the last 15ish years. Its already been reported, suggested, discussed, ignored or archived (but mostly ignored). Why are you doing it again?"


Blimey 10 years!

Here's to a bright future, Well done Piboso  ;D
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10 years, 7 alphas, 13 betas. And that's GPB only.

Quite a journey indeed. No planned destination as far as I can see, but sometimes one doesn't need one :)



Wow 10 years. So long time. Happy Birthday 😊👏