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September 18, 2020, 02:30:55 PM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

motion sickness

Started by penigeorge, December 07, 2018, 01:58:06 PM

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Have just got oculus rift but finding it very hard to use on gpb without feeling im going to get sick. Any setting or tips i can use to help?


Just after getting a VR HMD I got a bit sick in Pibosos bike games, but after a few goes it passed and now I can play indefinitely. Make sure you can get good FPS, if it drops too low it can be horrible (ctrl+f for the FPS counter), drop the in-game GFX detail like shading etc if needed.

If you still get problems it might just be that you'll take longer than some to get used to it. Also I'm lead to believe that eating ginger can help with motion sickness...


yea heard the ginger thing too ;D Thanks will try that. I have noticed when i change view to were i can see rider and bike from behind is a lot better as when im on rider view cant even get a lap done as i think its more of the moving side to side which makes it worse, but hopefully it goes over time as  thats why i got vr head set.


we need something like lock to horizon or like the app real head motion to compensate for the inability for eye's to do what they do in real life motion


Bad thing is that I hate ginger, good thing I have no VR headset yet... or wait, is this really a good thing? :D


Some little things I've found can be found here:




These helped me, particlarly the view 1 coding, and using the second, stationary first person view (The one that doesn't move when you tuck the rider in).


yes secondary view is the good one , and did use the ini mod from your link , some tracks are worse


A weird thing with GPB at the minute is that the engine struggles with the rendering of VR in some areas, I have a 2080 ti, overclocked i9 and 32gb of ram and I still experience stutters and framedrops, making things really really bad. (Javis Donnington is a big one, and unplayable for me in VR, even with everything on 'MIN')

But for most other tracks I'd recommend turning 3D grass off, as some tracks render their own anyway,
and running:

Textures: Medium
Distance of Vision: High

As for the rider movements, in order to not feel sick you will HAVE to move your head into the corners, like on a real bike.
This involves moving yourself in your chair, which depending on the amount of room, can be a bit difficult.

I tend to tilt my chair forward and rest my elbows on my knees, with my feet directly under me, as this feels more natural in terms of positioning, and allows me to move a little more correctly/naturally, more in keeping with what the rider would do.

I've found having the right body position and making the right movements in your chair can drastically reduce motion sickness (I managed 3 hours of consistent riding only stopping when  needed more fuel with little issue, the main one being a small headache from having a heavy, hot TV rammed on my face and not motion sickness).


This is an interesting topic... I have never played GPB in non VR and have not had any issues myself with any motion sickness. Being new to the game I feel playing in VR is an advantage to those not playing in VR.  Being able to look farther ahead then just what is on the screen in standard mode I think is a big deal.  FYI I use a rotating office chair and use it to rotate rather than having to do the leaning so much in my chair.  Sorry to those having motion sickness problems....Do tons of laps puking is worth the GPB VR experience...lol


Quote from: XTRMLN on April 22, 2019, 03:48:20 PMI use a rotating office chair and use it to rotate rather than having to do the leaning so much in my chair.

I use a rotating office chair as well, but for me the rotating feels odd compared to the leaning, but would be another option if space was severely limited  :)


i think the best option is to link the rider lean to the VR headset lean, so you're forced to lean yourself actually .....


Quote from: poumpouny on April 23, 2019, 02:09:06 PMi think the best option is to link the rider lean to the VR headset lean, so you're forced to lean yourself actually .....
It is the best option, but its not done well enough for me to use it at the minute, as the forward and back rider lean is very extreme in how far you have to go to get it to move