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The State of Modern MotoGP, Past and Future.....

Started by Hawk, July 18, 2019, 12:00:46 PM

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Quote from: WALKEN on April 18, 2020, 03:15:19 AMNothing smells quite like Cam2:)

True :'D

In response to 2 strokes the only thing I see them useful for in racing these days is one off events.

I'd love to see a Field of suters running a renewed transatlantic trophy race, but alas


You know something Mystic....... There is no reason they couldn't resurrect the 500cc 2 stroke championships now unless they are scared that the 500cc events would get more support than the MotoGP 4 strokes and end up killing off the 4 stroke class for good.


At the minute, I'd say the current emissions technology is not optimised enough for 2 stroke use, or petrol, as it's primary designed for diesel, and as a result is not ready for a top level racing series.

That being said it is getting there, and by the end of the decade it could be there. However by that time electric will be the way forward.

 I do think cost would come into it, as developing a technology that'll be obsolete, (already as the laws and regulations are passed already) would drive the costs up to much just to develop another avenue.

If this came about in 2010, just before the 250s/125s left GP racing then I think it would hold more merit.

But they left it to late for it to be used in racing certainly. It's a shame as in the UK, it's the only way we tend to get blue skies, except for this weather now in lockdown and no one can ride :')


Been following this from my dark office and enjoying reading all arguments :D

As a racer myself i also have my opinions and experiences, also on leg dangle, but as far as leg dangle goes, i won't comment on it :)

For the talk about 2smokers vs. 4 strokes i have been racing both (european championship and a wildcard at Valencia as well) so i would consider myself as a decent racer.
Money stopped me from going further, as i had options in Spain.

But as far as it goes, i am now riding a Moto3 and been doing that since 2012 when they came. Before that i was racing 125GP Honda RS125RR 2smoker from 2009-2011.
Both bikes are amazing bikes and a huge amount of fun. Big difference on the way your work with the bike and also, even it is very small bike and basically same frame, a bit of a difference in the way you ride them and the personality of the bikes.

125GP bikes, especially with kit-engines, was BEASTS. The short range of where you would have power (my bike was between 9-14k rpm) was amazing, when you knew how to ride it, the feeling and kick that came, when you slammed on the throttle in the right rpm and the sound and smell was GREAT! such a lovely bike to ride but ready to kill, if you didn't know how to ride it. I can only imagine how the 500cc bikes were. The way you had to be able to fiddle with throttle all through a corner to hit the right register and to get the needed drive also meant, a more fluent and clean riding was needed, as you had to keep up the speed to go fast and stay witing 9-14k rpm.

Moto3 bikes to me, seem a bit easier to ride. A little mistake with gear, is not as problematic, as the register for power is much bigger. The bike is also around 10kg heavier and the engine brake also effects how you ride the bike. For Moto3, the corner speed might not be as important, as you can easier do like the big bikes and square of the corners a little more, as the power just comes when you want it, more or less from 6k rpm. That said, corner speed as it is a small powered bike, still means the world if you want to go fast. Especially in rain, these bikes are easier to ride, as the power is much smoother all the way from 6-13k rpm, which means risk of highside is smaller.

So for me the 2smokers has much more character, but the Moto3 bikes is still a lot of fun and a bit easier to ride and a hell of a lot less mechanic work needed. NOT ANY CHEAPER!



No better or worse, just different.

Personally dirt bikes should all be 2 strokes. I can see the benefit of 4 strokes in track/tarmac due to engine breaking and smooth response of transitioning.

2 strokes can be silly on tar and spit you off without a care. The whole point of MotoGP is grip, 2 strokes spin and slide where as 4 strokes grip, or have roll on power. On dirt being able to snap the throttle at the lip of a jump is much more satisfying oppose to rolling over the jump hence 2 strokes fare better for dirt IMO.

With higher revs and gearing a 4 stroke can feel exciting they just lack that out of nowhere powerband that rips your arms off, hold on! But then again a 4 stroke pulls your arms off from the get go.

Take your pick and enjoy either or!     
Help me, help you!


Spot on Walken!

Difference but not better or worse is a good statement.

First time i went from 4-stroke NSF100 to a 125GP it didn't feel like a big difference until i actually hit the powerband of the 2-smoker first time, almost fell of the bike :D
A tiny boy being only 13 it was quite some power going from the 9hp 4 stroke to 40hp 2smoker :D


Yeah, but c'mon guys..... You gotta admit, 2 strokes are much more exciting than fuddy-duddy 4 strokes and fans can really appreciate the skill involved in riding the 2 strokes..... 4 strokes are just too lame, then on top of that they go and make them lamer by introducing electronic riding aids. You didn't see the old 2 stroke riders needing electronic traction control or fly-by-wire throttles to spin-up the rears through the corners.... What are ya these days, men or mice! Lol!!  ;D  ;D

The bait's flowing tonight guys.... C'mon fishy fishy.... Hehe!  ;D  ;D  ;)


It's like I said earlier (like 3 months ago)

Sill hasn't been reduced, just moved to a more technical standpoint rather than a touch the throttle point.

As for electronics, I understand why they are there. On the road it can save a 'lesser skilled' rider in a wet patch or oil etc, and in the track there's no doubt that it makes the bikes quicker.

And in go Racing I think it should be as quick as possible.

Now SUPERBIKE racing, that's a whole different subject. And I hate them there.


Quote from: Hawk on April 27, 2020, 11:23:36 PMThe bait's flowing tonight guys.... C'mon fishy fishy.... Hehe!  ;D  ;D  ;)


Fair play welcome to my life on the internet. Do more fishing on the internet than irl


Someone knows how many engine maps did MotoGP had from 2007?
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Quote from: VSMaster on April 28, 2020, 06:51:39 PMSomeone knows how many engine maps did MotoGP had from 2007?

Not quite the right thread to ask that my friend.

However the answer would be somewhere along the lines of, as many as they want.

Back in the early 90s Rainey was running with 2 engine maps controllable by a switch on the handlebars, so anything is possible 20 ish years after that


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June 10, 2020, 01:48:00 AM #72 Last Edit: June 10, 2020, 01:51:27 AM by Hawk
Hey guys...... Don't let anyone tell you that modern MotoGP is any more exciting to watch than the old "Classic" GP500 races..... They were just as close as todays modern races.  :P  ;D

Just look at the way those amazing 500cc 2-stroke machines needed to be ridden with class and skillfull talented raw seat of their pants riding.... Unlike todays monstrosity 4-strokes with their computer controlled nonsense.....

Todays riders wouldn't know what hit them if they rode one of these machines....

What a hey-day and a sheer exciting spectacle Motorcycle Road Racing was in this era..... No wonder they always called the GP500cc class, "The Blue Ribbon" event!  It sure was and always will be the one and only "Blue Ribbon" event of World Championship Motorcycle Road Racing! ;D  8)


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Quote from: Manu on June 10, 2020, 01:58:44 AMMr. Hawk back on track  8)

Lol! Just call me "Mr Controversy" Manu........! I love casting my fishing hook into the mix once in the a while, for a good cause...... "2-Strokes Matter!!!"[Holding my fist in the air] Hehe!  ;)  ;D  8)