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September 19, 2020, 06:12:00 AM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

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Started by Napalm Nick, May 27, 2015, 03:11:34 PM

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Napalm Nick

May 27, 2015, 03:11:34 PM Last Edit: April 05, 2017, 10:02:23 PM by Napalm Nick
Being unable to make child of child boards etc and the risk of the Owners club topics turning into a mess and difficult to navigate especially for newcomers I am making this Contents Page as a one-stop navigational shop.   :D.

GPBIKES Owners Club | The Beta Chapter


Teaser Video Introduction          Aim of The Club          Home Circuit details          Club Members and Leaderboard

Club Merchandise

Limited Edition Club Clothing           Limited Edition Club Helmets



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Club Helmet Design - ENDED

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EVENT 1 500cc Category Race  Mallory Park 24th May 2015 - COMPLETE              EVENT 2 Ducati Owners Cup Races 31st May 2015 - COMPLETE               EVENT 3 2x4x1 - COMPLETE            EVENT 4 - STOCKings! - COMPLETE

EVENT 5 - Slippystone WET - COMPLETE          EVENT 6 - Stinkefüße - COMPLETE           EVENT 7 - TTT - COMPLETE          GP800 CHAMPIONSHIP - 9 ROUNDS - COMPLETE

Event 8 Throwback Thursday - COMPLETE              EVENT 9 Club Jacket Thrash - COMPLETE               EVENT 10 BoBs Biking Bonanza - COMPLETE            EVENT 11 - Boerenlaters "Dream" - COMPLETE

Event 12 - Hawks Hydromania - COMPLETE              EVENT 13 - Yans Menage a trois - COMPLETE               EVENT 14 - Blackhearts Kawamaha - COMPLETE            EVENT 15 - Matty's Onboard Love - COMPLETE

Event 16 - Kerazxo' Stereo event - COMPLETE              EVENT 17 - Demitsuris Scandanavian Event - COMPLETE               EVENT 18 - Loopys Wet and dry Events - COMPLETE            Beta 7 and Beta 8 Race Lists

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Club Media


          Teaser          Event 1 500cc          Event 2 Ducati Wet & Dry          Blackhearts race          Wot no Warm-up Lap?          How to: Race Start Video

Time lapse Track drying          GP800 Champ Race 1          GP800 Keep on Rollin'          Crafty Croft 250 Laps


          Event 1 500cc          Event 2 tbc          Event 3 Spa          SuperT Event 3 Race 2 - Spa          The Drying Line

Track Rubbering          SuperT first win au revoir          For all ages

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GPBikes 21May15            Helmet          Race Event 2 Wet and Dry          Race Event 3 M2 vs GP250          Race Event 4 STOCKings


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